"Kiriban" is a reward for attaining a certain number of hits to a site. If the counter on the front site matches the target number, you've hit "kiriban". Traditionally, the reward is being able to request artwork from the webmaster, which thanks that person for their certain number of hits.

If you've hit kiriban, contact me with your name, your IP address, and your request. The counter logs the IP address of the person who hit kiriban, so telling me your IP merely serves as validation, sort of like your personal "secret password". If you don't know your IP address, will tell you. Your artwork request can be anything, as long as it only involves Inuyasha characters. Basically, take note of the kind of artwork I usually do and use some common sense when making your request.
Good luck!

1000HitokyariiMiroku and Sango
5000VorpalBunnyInu-papa dog form
10000Sterling SpringInuyasha with Ryuurin Tessaiga
15000NikkiInu-papa playing with toys and snacks given to him in his column
25000RebeccaInuyasha and Sesshoumaru
33333MJCInuyasha with Sesshoumaru and Inu-papa in chibi dog form
54321KilikSesshoumaru beating up Jaken
66666GreaterbeastXellasRin tending to Jaken
75000Flaming PoofyInu-papa and puppy Sesshoumaru
100000InuyashaPuppyDogRomantic Inuyasha and Kagome