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Every dog has his day, but once they have lived their lives, unfortunately they must be put to pasture. Here you will find our older dogs that have been around since the beginning. They may not have the novelty they once did, but perhaps they still might be worthy of attention.

New Movie 4 Trailer

Well, the production blog kept saying it would be done on the 20th, so now it's the 20th, and here it is! The trailer is found in the little button that says "Windows Media" underneath the main menu.
Source: Movie 4 Official Site

Movie 4 Guest Actors

Two members of the band Do As Infinity, who perform the movie's ending theme, will also have seiyuu roles within the movie itself. Vocalist Van Tomiko will play a character called "Kana-hime", and guitarist Owatari Ryo will play a yet unspecified character.
Source: WebHochi

"Rakuen" Release Date Changed

The release of single for the ending theme for the fourth movie, "Rakuen" by Do As Infinity, has been pushed back to December 15th
Source: CDJapan

Anime Scramble Interview

As usual, there will be a movie-themed Inuyasha interview on the Japanese radio show "Nonko and Nobita's Anime Scramble", hosted by Hidaka Noriko (Kikyou) and Hasegawa Nobita. The special guests this time around are Yamaguchi Kappei (Inuyasha), Yukino Satsuki (Kagome), and Watanabe Kumiko (Shippou). It will be a two-week broadcast, broken up over the 10th and 17th of December.
Source: JOQR

New Drama CD Information

The second Inuyasha drama CD, due to be released December 8th, is a commemoration album for the fourth movie and is called "Inuyasha - Arashi to Matsuri no Hourai-jima" ("Inuyasha - Hourai Island of the Tempest and Festival").
Source: YTV Movie Site

Fourth Movie Ending Theme

The ending theme for the fourth movie, titled "Rakuen" ("Paradise"), will be performed by Do As Infinity, and will be released on December 8th. Do As Infinity has previously done the songs "Fukai Mori" and "Shinjitsu no Uta" for the Inuyasha TV series.
Source: CDJapan

Upcoming CD Releases

A second Inuyasha drama CD has been announced, although there is no title yet. It is due to be released on December 8th. The soundtrack for the fourth movie, "Guren no Hourai-jima", will be released on December 22nd.
Source: HMV

Movie 4 Page Updated

Well, since this is the official start of the pre-release for movie 4, the official site has been revamped to include the movie poster and more story information (no new trailer yet, though). The new plot information still isn't very informative, but mentions that Hourai island was populated by humans and youkai who lived in harmony, got destroyed by outsiders, and now some hanyou kids from the island are coming to Inuyasha for help. And Sesshoumaru's in it because his dad told him to be.
Source: Movie 4 Official Site

Movie 4 Release Date

The fourth Inuyasha movie, "Guren no Hourai-jima", will begin playing in Japanese theaters on December 23rd.
Source: WebSunday

New Movie 4 Trailer

As promised, the official Movie 4 website has been updated with a new trailer. Unfortunately, it's pretty much all stuff we already knew and images that are already on the site. The Hamtaro movie trailer is also included in the file.
Source: Inuyasha Movie Official Site

Movie 4 Site Updated

Following Shounen Sunday's announcement, the official site has seen a make-over and some new information, including the following plot information: "The island controlled by four demon gods, Hourai-jima. Suddenly appearing is a girl who knows Inuyasha: Ai. Unchanged for fifty years, what is this girl's secret? When the cursed seal rises, Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru's newest battle begins!" There are a few new images but no new trailer, although the site promises new content on the 17th.
Source: Inuyasha Movie Official Site

Fourth Movie Title and Information

The fourth movie has been given the title "Guren no Hourai-jima", or "Crimson Hourai Island". Hourai Island is an island of immortals that appears every few decades, which Kikyou and Inuyasha visited once before. There is still no specific release date other than "December".
Source: Shounen Sunday 32-33

Movies 1 and 2 American Release Dates

The first Inuyasha movie, "Affections Touching Across Time", will be released on DVD in the US on September 7th. The second movie, yet to be given an official English title, will be released on DVD on December 28th.
Source: Right Stuf International

Movie 4 Website Now Up

Finally. The official Inuyasha movie website has been updated to reflect the fourth movie. Currently, there is no information on the site, just a short and decidedly uninformative trailer.
Source: Inuyasha Movie Official Site

Fourth Movie in the Works

It's not an April Fool's joke this time, and there's official stuff backing it up now. Currently, there is no information concerning concept, title, or release date, all we know is that it will exist.
Source: WebSunday

VIZ Cosplay/Movie 4 Contest

VIZ, the North American distributor of Inuyasha, has announced a costume contest to promote the upcoming DVD release of the second movie. Six winners of the costume contest will receive an all-expense-paid trip to Tokyo to see the premiere of the fourth Inuyasha movie, "Guren no Hourai-jima". The contest deadline is November 22nd. Rules can be found here.
Source: VIZ

"Secret of the Cursed Mask" Release Changes

The release date of the PS2 RPG "Secret of the Cursed Mask" has been bumped up a week from November 8th to November 1st. The release will contain a promotional card from the upcoming Inuyasha trading card game.
Source: ICv2

"Secret of the Cursed Mask" Release

The PS2 RPG, "Juso no Kamen" or "Secret of the Cursed Mask" is set to be released in the US on November 8th. The game will be English-dubbed by the TV series cast.
Source: GameStop

"Secret of the Cursed Mask" E3 Trailer

The trailer for the PS2 game "Juso no Kamen", retitled in English as "Secret of the Cursed Mask", indicated that the game was slated for a fall 2004 release. The trailer, however, gave no indication whether the game would be dubbed in English or retain the original Japanese voices.
Source: Planet Exile

TV Series to End in September

Sigh... yes, I am well aware that this has been floating around since April, and while there has STILL been no press release from either company involved, I guess at this point, the YTV webmaster is good enough a source. Yes, the series is ending on September 13th with a double episode, 166-167. Yes, "Blackjack" is replacing it in October after the month-long programming break. And, yes, the manga is still going on, meaning the TV series storyline will be cut short. I really wanted to wait for the actual press release before posting this, but since people have been so rabid about it, might as well give them a little early closure.
Source: YTV Message Board

Best of Inuyasha Volume 2

The CD, "Best of Inuyasha - Seifuu Meigetsu - Inuyasha Teemu Zenshuu Ni" ("Best of Inuyasha - Refreshing Breeze and Full Moon - Inuyasha Theme Collection 2"), will be released on September 8th. Currently there is no tracklisting, but it will likely contain "Itazurana Kiss", "One Day, One Dream", "Come", "Four Seasons", "Angelus", and "Brand-New World".
Source: HMV

Update on American Release of Movies

The first Inuyasha movie, given the English title "Affections Touching Across Time", will premiere this year at ComicCon in San Diego, which runs July 22-25. Afterwords, it will be given a limited theatrical release, before being released on DVD. The second movie is still scheduled for a DVD-only release by the end of the year.
Source: ICv2

American Release of Inuyasha Movies

According to Animerica Magazine, the first Inuyasha movie will be released on DVD in America this summer, while the second movie will see a DVD release sometime later in the year. There was no indication whether or not these DVD releases would come with the bonus CD's of their Japanese counterparts.
Source: Animerica Magazine

Movie 3 DVD Specifics

The DVD will contain the following extras: "Sesshoumaru vs Inuyasha, a sibling confrontation history", a TV spot and trailer collection, information on movie 4, and still-frame production materials. The bonus CD will contain "Inuyasha movie 4: The Big Preview", an interview between Kappei, Satsuki, the producers, and a "special guest", plus the Anime Scramble drama "Tenka Hadou no ten-ten-ten".
Source: Animate

Movie 3 Retail Date

The third movie, "Tenka Hadou no Ken", will go on sale to the general public (in Japan) on August 27th. Per the usual, it will come with a bonus drama CD.
Source: J-Book

Release of "Angelus" Pushed Back

Originally scheduled to be released on July 22nd, the CD single of the sixth opening, "Angelus", has been delayed until August 11th.
Source: HMV

First Movie on Cartoon Network

The first Inuyasha movie, "The Love That Transcends Time", will premiere on Cartoon Network on October 23rd at midnight.
Source: Adult Swim

Release Date of "Brand New World"

The eigth ending, "Brand New World", will be released on the "Thunderbird - Your Love" single on August 4th.
Source: CDJapan

Adult Swim Episode Previews

Adult Swim's website has started doing weekly previews of the new episodes of their Saturday shows, including Inuyasha. The preview is basically a streaming one-minute clip from the episode that will air on the upcoming Saturday. The preview clips are updated every Monday. The backlog of previews for episodes 53, 54, and 55 are here, here, and here, respectively.
Source: Adult Swim

Juso no Kamen at E3

Well, looks like that PS2 RPG coming to the States is indeed "Juso no Kamen", apparently retitled as "Secret of the Cursed Mask". Bandai plans to give more information about the English release at this year's Electronics Entertainment Expo.
Source: IGN

US Release of Inuyasha PS2 RPG

Bandai has hinted to the public that they will be releasing an Inuyasha PS2 RPG to the US. No other solid details are known at this time, but it is assumed that they are talking about "Juso no Kamen", which was released in Japan on the 18th of March.
Source: IGN

New Domestic Action Figures from Toynami

Toynami has acquired the license to make Inuyasha action figures. Series 1 will include Inuyasha and Kagome, and will come out in June at a retail price of $13.00. Series 2 will include Sesshoumaru and Kikyou, and will be released at an unspecified later date.
Source: Toynami (reportd by Minion)

Movie 3 Release Date

The third Inuyasha movie, "Tenka Hadou no Ken", will be available for rental on video and DVD in Japan on June 11th. This is RENTAL only. The DVD will likely go on sale sometime in August.
Source: Ad Banner

Anime Books

Viz will begin releasing the Inuyasha anime books starting in February, with five issues planned to be released in 2004. Anime books are basically like full-color comics that use screencaptures from the episodes as their panels. Suggested retail price is $11.95.
Source: Ad in Animerica Magazine (reported by Kuro)

Sixth Opening Airdate

The sixth opening song, "Angelus" by Shimatani Hitomi, will begin airing on May 31st, episode 154.
Source: Yomiuri Entertainment

Sixth Opening Announced

The sixth opening will be "Angelus" performed by Shimatani Hitomi. At the moment, there is no date set for when this opening will begin airing, but the CD single for the song will be released on July 22nd.
Source: Yodobashi

Eighth Ending Announced

The eighth ending will be called "Brand-New World" performed by V6 (the same group that did the "Change the World" opening), and will beging airing on April 26th with episode 149.
Source: Yomiuri Entertainment

Adult Swim Gets Saturdays Back

Since they can't seem to make up their mind about the schedule, Adult Swim has announced that they actually WERE able to get Saturday nights for action programming, thus pushing the premiere of new Inuyasha episodes back to April 24th. New episodes will run once a week at 11:00pm.
Source: Adult Swim Boards

Adult Swim Episode Guide Updated

The episode guide on Adult Swim's Inuyasha page has been updated with the English titles of episodes up to 77. The titles and short descriptions confirm that Bakuryuuha has been translated as "Backlash Wave".
Source: Adult Swim

Adult Swim Schedule Change

Due to pressures from advertisers, Adult Swim was unable to secure Saturday nights for action programming. Due to this, the premiere of episodes 53+ of Inuyasha has been rescheduled for Thursday, April 29th. Also, the premiere of Detective Conan (renamed "Case Closed") has been moved to June 7th.
Source: Adult Swim Boards

New Episodes on Adult Swim

People have been asking for months, and lo, your answer has been brought upon you. Inuyasha will begin a "double strip" of premieres on Saturday, April 24th, at 11:30pm Eastern. "Double strip" sounds like it means that two episodes will play back-to back, or it might just mean that it's a "double premiere" night, as Wolf's Rain also premieres on the 24th at 11:00. Note this is a SATURDAY, which is a schedule change from the norm.

Also, something interesting to note, Inuyasha's "sister show", Detective Conan, will begin playing on Monday, April 5th at 12:30am Eastern on Adult Swim. The two shows don't really have anything to do with each other, but they're serialized in the same magazine and run back-to-back on Japanese television, so they're often marketed together.
Source: Adult Swim Message Board

52 New Episodes in 2004

On Cartoon Network. More specifically, this would be episodes 53-104. No specific start date has been given yet, however. Also, panelists said that they had expressed interest in taking over Saturday nights and using it for movies, specifically the Inuyasha movies. However, this is still up in the air, as neither movie has even been licensed yet.
Source: ToonZone Forums (report from AWA panel)

Another Long Break for the TV Series

Following episode 146, the TV series will be off the air in Japan for a month, returning April 19th with episode 147. However, on March 22nd, the first movie will run as a special.
Source: Sunrise

Takizawa Guest Appearance in Spring Special

Takizawa "Tackey" Hideaki of Tackey & Tsubasa will play a guest character in a spring special currently scheduled for sometime in April. It sounds like the special takes place 50 years in the past, and Takizawa's character is a demon slayer named Shako. Although the "One Day, One Dream" CD depicted Takizawa as a taijiya, this was not the character design used for Shako.
Source: DailySports Online

It Was All a Joke

Yes, everything presented on the April 1st edition of this site was false. But, for those who didn't get to see the joke, the April Fool's site has been archived at Sesshou Goya.

PS2 Game Japanese Release Date

The upcoming PS2 RPG, "Juso no Kamen", will be released in Japan on the 18th of March at a price of 6800 yen.
Source: WebSunday

PS2 Game Release Date Changed Again

The release date for the PS2 RPG, "Juso no Kamen", has been bumped up from summer 2004 to March 2004. It also now has a dedicated website on Bandai's server with images and character information, with more information forthcoming.
Source: Bandai Games

PS2 Game Delayed

The Inuyasha adventure RPG for the Playstation 2, "Juso no Kamen", which was originally scheduled to be released December 25th of this year in Japan, has been delayed until the summer of 2004.
Source: Bandai

Inuyasha PS2 RPG

An RPG is being developed for the PS2 entitled "Juso no Kamen" ("The Cursed Mask"). The player is not actually a member of the main cast, but rather an original character who travels with Inuyasha's party. This game also sports the possibilty of multiple endings. It is due to be released on Christmas in Japan.
Source: Ryuuteki Rakuen

Drama CD Given a Title

The drama CD set to be released on February 25th will be titled "Jigoku de Matteta Shichinintai" ("Shichinintai Who Waited in Hell").
Source: HMV

Drama CD

Inuyasha's first drama CD (excluding the ones released with the movie DVDs) will be released the 25th of February, 2004. There are no plans for it to contain character image songs, however.
Source: HMV

Movie 3 Earnings

The third Inuyasha movie is expected to pull approximately 1 billion yen (about 10 million dollars) by the time it finishes its run on the 16th of January. In comparison, the first movie made 1.51 billion yen, the second 1.05.
Source: Leon-sama

Aaaanndd.... Reset!

Nope, those 52 new episodes promised to be starting on Adult Swim in 2004 won't be coming this early in the year. When the show finishes its first 52 episodes this time around, it'll start riiight back over at episode 1 on February 10th. Also, a week later, on the 16th, its timeslot will be changed from 12:00 to 12:30 to make room for Witch Hunter Robin.
Source: Toonzone Schedule Thread

Yomiuri Website Updated

No new content on the site, really, but they've got a new layout and a new intro Flash animation (the text on the animation is more or less exactly the same as the narration that opens each episode in season 5). They do have one new section, marked "Special", that currently has no content.
Source: Yomiuri's Inuyasha Site

"One Day One Dream" Release Date

FINALLY. The single for the fifth opening of Inuyasha, "One Day One Dream" performed by Tackey & Tsubasa, will be released on February 11th.
Source: CDJapan

Another Extended Hiatus

Inuyasha will be off the air in Japan for the next three weeks due to holiday programming. It will return January 12th, 2004, with episode 137.
Source: Sunrise

Even More Movie 3 Information

The movie site saw a major update yet again today. There's a new Flash intro and all the information sections have been updated with new plot information. According to the story section, Sou'unga is discovered at the Higurashi shrine in the modern era. Inuyasha touches it, and it takes hold of his will, forcing him to return to the Sengoku Jidai with it. Upon arriving, Sesshoumaru discovers that Inuyasha has gotten his hands on ANOTHER of his father's swords - one that was apparently not supposed to be inherited by ANYONE - and is, unsurprisingly, not too happy about that. Sou'unga's ability is apparently the ability to call the dead. Not raise the dead like Tenseiga, but simply call them forth.
Also, the voice actors for the new characters have been revealed:
Inuyasha's Father: Ohtsuka Akio
Setsuna no Takemaru: Matsumoto Yasunori
Sou'unga: Tachiki Fumihiko
Source: Inuyasha Movie Website

Inuyasha's Mother's Name

It's official. For the purposes of the third movie, Inuyasha's mother has attained a name: Izayoi. However, his father's name still remains a mystery at this point.
Source: Yomiuri's IY Movie Site

Inuyasha Movie Official Website updated with new information, new images, and two new trailers.

We've got a spectacular new trailer this time around that provides us with images of Inuyasha's father, an original villain whom I'm guessing is Setsuna no Takemaru, and a bunch of battle snippits. According to the new information posted, Sou'unga is a sword that was sealed away for 700 years, and has the power to cut the boundary between this world and the next, thus loosing a bunch of zombies everywhere. This is also apparently how Inuyasha's father and mother will appear in the movie in real-time.

Also, the trailer provided information on the movie's theme song: "Four Seasons" performed by Namie Amuro.

More Movie 3 Information

From an unusual source: the drama CD that came as an extra with the "Kagami no Nakau no Mugenjou" DVD. According to the first track, there will be an original villain named Setsuna no Takemaru. On the second track, the voice actors have a "movie secrets" discussion to reveal three key points about the third movie. First is that Yamaguchi Kappei can't read the title. Okay, that's not really a secret, but it was amusing. There were three things mentioned:
-Someone's going to die
-Inuyasha's parents will appear
-______ and _______ are killed.
Although the third hint was "blank and blank", there was some discussion later that this might be referring to Jaken and Rin, and that in total it sounds like three people die, although the third person was never discussed or hinted at.

Anime Scramble

Nonko and Nobita's "Anime Scramble" radio show will have a special segment dedicated to "Tenka Hadou no Ken" ("Sword to Rule the World"). The guests will be Inuyasha's Yamaguchi Kappei, Sesshoumaru's Narita Ken, and Jaken's Nagashima Yuuichi, gathered as the "Inuyasha Family". There will be talk, games, and all sorts of giveaway discussions. It will also include the radio show's customary "Original Drama". The show will run 30 minutes and will broadcast the 12th and 19th of December.
Source: Inuyasha Movie Site

Movie 3 OST

The soundtrack for the third movie, "Tenka Hadou no Ken", will be released the 17th of December (three days before the movie hits theaters). As a special first-release bonus, the CD comes with a three-sided case and a random assortment of character stickers.
Source: Ryuuteki Rakuen

Movie 2 Television Broadcast

In Japan. "Kagami no Naka no Mugenjou" ("Castle Beyond the Looking Glass") will make its Japanese television debut on the 15th of December.
Source: Shounen Sunday #50-51 (actual magazine, so no link)

Special Programming

There will be a special program dedicated to the secrets of Inuyasha and Detective Conan (basically, movie previews). In the Inuyasha segment, the third movie will be delved into, plus a special guest appearance by Namie Amuro, the singer of the movie's theme song, "Four Seasons". The special will play on multiple channels, but will play on Yomiuri TV on the 13th of December at 10:30 pm (or 10:55. The banner says 10:55, but the schedule says 10:30).
Source: Yomiuri TV

Voice Actor Chat

AnimationHQ will be holding a chat session with David Kaye, English voice actor of Sesshoumaru (among many other roles in many other series) on the 13th of December, 6pm EST. It will be held in their IRC chat room,
Source: AnimationHQ

Schedule Change

I've been seeing this on fansites for weeks now, but I wanted to wait until an official site said something before posting this. The one-hour Inuyasha special, previously labeled as episodes 134-135, has been bumped up a week to be played as episodes 133-134. The "old" episode 133 will be played as 135. There will also be a one-week break the week of the 17th due to a Detective Conan special.
Source: Sunrise

New Episode Titles

I probably won't make a habit of noting the announcement of new episode titles here (you'll just have to periodically check the left-hand column), but this particular one seemed to merit special attention. Episodes 134 and 135 will be combined as a one-hour special, dedicated to... well... read the title, and you can make your own assumptions from that.
Source: Inuyasha no Tsubo-hachi

Special Shounen Sunday Issue

It's the Inuyasha manga's 7th year anniversary! In light of this, the November 12th chapter will have color pages and will be longer than usual, as the series apparently approaches a new plot point, having to do with Kohaku and Kikyou.
Source: WebSunday

Inuyasha Restarts on Cartoon Network

Inuyasha will restart at episode 1 on the 10th of November at midnight on Cartoon Network. So, for those of you who want to catch the series from the beginning, this will likely be your last chance for a while.
Source: Adult Swim

Inuyasha OST 3

The third Inuyasha OST is set to go on sale October 29th. It will contain BGM from the Shichinintai arc, the TV versions of the opening and ending, and the insert song from episode 124.
Source: Yomiuri Entertainment

Fifth Opening Announced

The fifth opening song by Tackey & Tsubasa will be entitled "One day, One dream". It will beging airing October 13th, episode 128. Yes, this means we'll be getting both the fifth opening and seventh ending in one fell swoop.
Source: Kumo no Yukue (reporting a TV Guide article)

Seventh Ending Announced

The seventh ending song will be entitled "Come", performed by Namie Amuro. It will begin playing on October 13th, episode 128.
Source: Yomiuri Entertainment

Fifth Opening Announced

Tackey & Tsubasa, who performed the insert song in episode 124, "Sotsugyou ~ Sayonara wa Ashita no Tame ni", will also be performing the fifth opening. No title or premiere date has been given yet, however.
Source: Ryuuteki Rakuen