Dear Papa

Dear Papa

Being the wise father of the series's main character, naturally Inu-papa is well-versed in all things Yasha. And being dead, he's got a whole lotta time on his hands, so probably wouldn't mind answering any questions sent his way. So whether you want to know something series-related, character-related, or whatever you wish, Inu-papa will do his best to impart his knowledge from the great beyond.

Responses will generally be posted every other week, unless someone's trying to dig up Papa's grave, summon him to the world of the living, or any other such distraction occurs that would prevent him from replying in a timely manner. Remember that these messages and their responses will be posted publicly below, so mind your manners. Be forewarned that Papa reserves the right to pick and choose which questions he will reply to.

Papa will only answer the same question once, so please check the archives before messaging him.

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Papa's Responses

Dear Papa,
I demand that you tell me the truth. What do you think about Doughnuts, French Fries, and Hamburgers?
Also, can I have a hug?:D

Dear Blabenhoosit,
They're so bad for you, yet oh so good. *wipes the grease off his hands and hugs*

Dear Papa,

Could you please explain to me the usages of the Japanese words for "mother" and "father"?
Confused again, and less Carefree...

Dear Confused,
There are quite a few terms used when addressing or speaking of parents. Sesshoumaru refers to me as "Chichi-ue" and, if he ever spoke of his mother, would likely use "Haha-ue". These are somewhat archaic and formal terms, but still pop up in anime quite often. Inuyasha refers to me as "Oyaji", and his mother as "Ofukuro", which are much more slangy terms that basically equate to calling me "old man". Kagome calls her mother "Mama", and would possibly use "Papa" for her father, if he were around, and their usage is basically the same as yours, since they're imported words. Mostly, though, people use "Otou-san/sama" and "Okaa-san/sama" to refer to their father and mother, as this is more neutral and general-use.

Dear Papa,
When I was reading a fanfic recently, they kept refering to Sesshoumaru as "with child", so I figured, "OK, they turned Sesshoumaru into a , I've seen weirder." But then they started using pronouns for Sesshoumaru and they were all "him, he, and his." So I was wondering is it anyway possible for that to be true.

PS: Here is some treats for even asking that
creeped out fangirl

Dear creeped out,
It's called "mpreg", and it's unfortunately a very real fandom fetish, in which fangirls write stories about male characters getting pregnant. I'm... not really sure what the appeal is, though.

Dear Papa,
ok I just finished reading volume 18 of the manga for the first time and all I'm gonna say is WTF!!!!

the anime almost went in a completely different direction than the manga 0_0. Kikyou and Inuyasha's interactions where actually touching, why did the anime make it seem so violent.

My biggest question however is the chapter in the manga where Kikyou goes to confront Naraku with the soil shield. Why didn't they animate this scene. It is such an important and intence scene as to why Naraku wants to be rid of his human heart. Because he can't touch her with onigumo's remains smeared all over her!! The anime didn't show this and to be honest I was always confused on why Naraku couldn't kill her exactly, it is rather vaguely and poorly explained in the anime. Why did leave such an important plot point out like that?
Your Name WTF

Dear WTF,
The earlier episodes of the anime had a habit of taking way more liberties with the original manga, up until episode 45 where a new series director took over. The first director had a habit of making false assumptions like needing jewel shards to use the well, and removing entire storylines like the Peach Man arc, while completely twisting and convoluting things like the origins of the Shikon no Tama. I'm not exactly sure why this was done, but after episode 45, the series stayed much more faithful to its source material.

Dear Papa,

What are your favortie kinds of balls? Tenis balls, or wiffle balls?? Thank you for taking time to read this question. ^_^

Dear Puppy-san,
... Wow, I don't think the first answer I thought of for this is something appropriate for this column. *laughs guiltily*

Dear Inu-Papa,

Have you ever been uber down before? I have.. I feel like that right now, Thus why I am writing to you.

Why do I feel this way? Man, That's a long story I tell ya. I think I might have like Bi-polar disorder or something, seriously.. Bad mood swings.

You ever get like that? one minute you're on top of the world, next minute you feel like nothing.

PS: I admire you're site. glad to see you still exsist.. Sort of..

Can I have a hug? ._.

Dear Josef,
Aw, sure you can have a hug. *hug* And I know how you feel about mood swings and feeling really down at times. It seems like nowadays it's becoming easier and easier to just push me into serious bouts of depression. I'm sensitive like that. It's part of why I haven't been updating much recently, since I haven't really been in good enough mood to do it. But I still try.

Dear Papa,
about the honorific '-chan',i heard it was used for small children and between friends who are girls.i was wondering if a boy could use it.

Dear me,
It can be used pretty much with any child, regardless of gender, but it's something more common amongst girls. It could conceivably be used with an older boy, but it would likely be considered derogatory unless you're really close to the person and he doesn't mind.

Dear Papa,

In English, we say cats "Meow" and in Japanese it's "Nyah" (I think...) Well... what is it in Japanese for a dog's bark? Is it still "Woof" or "Bark" or whatever?

Dear Grasshopper,
Dogs say "wan", actually. This is also used in childish nicknames for dogs like "wan-chan", which is the equivalent of, like, "Aww, look at the little bow-wow".

Dear Chichi-ue,
Have you ever met a fangirl that tried to impersonate Izayoi? Something like that happened to me the other day...
Your son, Sesshoumaru

Dear Sesshoumaru,
Yeah, and I was in the middle of making out with her before I realized, too. I'm kinda slow when it comes to things like that.

... Sorry, honey. *sweat*

Dear Papa,

Out of curiosity, do you know if "Izayoi" means anything in English? Some characters' names translated fit them very well, and now I'm interested in seeing if the same goes for your past wife.

Thank you!


Dear Momo-kun,
"Izayoi" literally means "16th moon", and is sometimes used to refer to the full moon.

Dear Papa-sama,
I've noticed that when asking questions in Japanese, they either end with a 'no' or a 'ka'. Can you clarify the difference of useage, or, are they interchangeable?

Like, could I say "Sore wa nani desu no?" or "Sore wa nani desu ka?" and have it mean the same thing? Or, is one incorrect?

Please, thank you, and... Milk Bones! *sticks a giant, beef-flavoured milk bone in your mouth*

Dear Keira,
They're mostly just differences in speech patterns. Ending a question with "no" is typically a more feminine speech pattern. So, in your example above, the standard way of saying it would be "Sore wa nan desu ka?". A more masculine way would be "Sore wa nan da?". A more feminine way would be "Sore wa nan na no?"

Dear Papa,
How do you tell a Shadaw Wolf, from a regular Wolf-demon?
Akira of the Realm of Light

Dear Akira,
Um... one disappears if you shine light on it?
(wtf is a Shadow Wolf?)

Dear Papa-sama,
You are truly a god among us poor creatures. You must be, to have the patience to read and respond to these letters. I look up to you, for inspiration, and for a model of nobility.

I do have a question...
My friend, Alli, never listens to me when I tell her that I have problems. Especially serious ones. She's just like, "Huh..." My mother says that she just doesn't know how to react, but I think that a response is better than no (articulate) response. What do you think?
Female Moon Goddess Who Likes Cherry Blossoms

Dear Goddess,
I think your mother's right. A lot of times when a friend confronts me with their problems, I just kind of sit there and nod wide-eyed, not really knowing what's expected of me, or if I'm expected to be able to do something about it. Sometimes if someone is emotionally distraught, you're afraid of saying the wrong thing, so you just don't say anything at all. I'll guiltily admit that I skip a lot of letters in here that I know I wouldn't be able to provide any help with.

Dear Papa,they took your suggestion you meany they took it off with white hot tongs
P.S:its not my choice to be gay i was born this way
jakotsu in extreme pain

Dear Jakotsu,
I know it wasn't your choice to be gay. It was, however, your choice to be a perverted, sadistic freak who enjoys tormenting me and my children.
Let that be a lesson to you.

Dear Papa,
after what you said to Chibi Koneko i have a question to ask. first of i'm Bi-sexual and i have other friends who are also bi-sexual, but when i tell my parents about all my friends who are bi they said that it's a bad thing!! i didn't come out to my parents yet but i will in a few years probably. but my mother says that being bi means that you're confused and you don't know what you're doing, and this makes me feel bad about myself and i get really angry. I think being bi means that you're attracted to both sexes but my mother says i'm wrong. what do i do?

Dear Dizzy-kitty,
I say that you know more about how you feel than your mother does. I'm personally not interested in other men, but I wouldn't be able to give you a solid reason as to why not. I just don't feel that way. And knowing this, I don't expect people who ARE interested in their same gender to be able to give a similar solid explanation of their feelings. You just feel how you feel, and no one but yourself can tell you whether it's right or wrong.
The thing about parents is that they all subconsciously want their children to grow up exactly like them. Same feelings, same morals, same likes and dislikes, and they feel threatened when their children start exhibiting behaviors that are unlike their parents. Children naturally go through a rebellious phase, and many parents see homosexuality and bisexuality as a voluntary deviation from normal in order for the children to separate themselves from their parents. Therefore, parents tend to categorize all behavior deviant from themselves as wanton disrespect for authority, and that you'll come around sooner or later.
As for what to do, you need to let your mother know that you respect her ideals and how she feels, but that you can't change your own feelings for her sake. Let her know that it's not something you're doing intentionally. It's hard for parents to accept that their children are not miniature carbon copies of themselves, so give it time.

Hey Papa,

I feel kinda stupid asking, but my sister relly wants to know: what do keyboards look like in countries that don't use the english alphabet, namely ones that use characters (like chinese and japanese)? Thanks Papa!


Dear Hannerd,
They pretty much look the same, but have their native language characters rather than the English letters. In the case of Asian languages, the keyboard basically contains the "component parts" of different complex characters, and they can be typed in a way to put them together. Most Asian keyboards still have the standard QWERTY capability printed on the keys as well. Here's a picture of a Japanese one.

Dear Papa, when you answer the letters, will the answers all come to this page? I've been waiting for some answers very long now and wondered if they can be seen from somewhere else. Or are the newest letters in the archives?
My Name

Dear Your Name,
Unfortunately, I don't have the time or the energy to answer every single letter I get, so many of them get skipped over if they're repeats or just things that I can't come up with a witty or informative response for. If you don't see your letter posted after two updates, you can reasonably assume I've skipped over it. Sorry.

Dear Papa,
Are youkai "demons" equivalent to "demons" in the western tradition i.e. fallen angelic beings? If so, is there a tradition in Japanese culture historically that suggests that these entities infiltrated Japanese (or possibly Chinese before that) civilization? There are many beliefs the world wide about such things, but they all seem to have uncanny coincidental elements that suggest a common origin for such beings. I think it disturbs some Westerners on a deep level as we are taught that such creatures were betrayers of the Creator and seek to destroy human kind-not because they care to harm us, but to harm the Creator with whom they are engaged in rebellion against.

Even so, I find the show fascinating, and I was also wondering if House of the Moon aka Resmirelda might have had the ending right? Google it if you haven't read her "Maiden and the Lord of the Western Lands". Was Sess really sealed beneath the Higourashi Shrine the whole time waiting for Kagome to release him? Too romantic-in an unusual way, of course!

Thanks for your thoughts on this and please don't take offense! Hugs*
Western Wonderer

Dear Western Wonderer,
I have... no clue what you're talking about with most of that. However, youkai are not the same as Western demons. I don't know much about the whole Western idea of the word "demon", but youkai are merely physical incorporations of fear and anger. I guess they'd be more the equivalent of the Western idea of the "monster in the closet". They're specters. Fears that we imagine that become real. They then feed and multiply on more fear and anger. That's why they're so numerous in the civil war period where Inuyasha takes place.

And... I don't follow fanfiction enough to know what you're talking about with the second part. I just know I've seen a lot of fanart dedicated to it, and the Sesshoumaru/Kagome pairing just doesn't sit well with me, so I've never researched it further.

Dear Doggy Daddy,

I have this friend who told me that there had already been a fifth Inuyasha movie and he had it on his computer. I said there was no way because I'd have definitelty heard about it (since I check inu-papa .com atleast once a week). I'm pretty sure he's just an idiot, but just in case, IS there already a fifth movie? And if not, is there ever gonna be one?
Neko Hime

Dear Neko Hime,
No, there is no fifth movie, your friend's a moron. There's still tentative discussion concerning the future creation of one, but so far nothing solid.

Dear Papa,

Is it just me, or are you gaining weight?!?!?! Every time I see you in your webcam...well, you look BIGGER!

Woah, man! You better back off on those milk bones and steaks!!
A Concerned Friend

Dear Concerned,
I know! I know I am! It's so horrible... Pretty soon I'll be one of those humungously fat dogs that can't even walk because its legs are engulfed by pockets of pudge... I'll have to roll around on a skateboard... A SKATEBOARD! Ohh, now I'm all depressed... *muches Milk Bones to console himself*

Dear Papa, I have a little question for you. I know you are an "expert" of InuYasha but since you answered the Chidori question earlier you could answer to this one too: Has Masashi Kishimoto completed the Naruto-series? How many chapters are there?

Dear Long-winded name,
I actually know absolutely nothing about Naruto other than the manga is still running. So at least that much knowledge is helpful in this case.

Dear Papa,
Ok I never realised this before until a japanese friend of mine told me, but people from Japan don't call their country Japan, they call it Nippon, or Nihou 0_0

My question is, why do westerners call Nippon/Nihou Japan, instead by its real name?

Why did westeners do this, are they just retared or arrogant...or was it more of a pronousation issue that just morphed into Japan over time?
Your Name Stupid Westerner

Dear Stupid Westerner,
Because the Westerners asked the Chinese what it was called rather than the Japanese. Explorers from Europe came to China, and were like, "Hey, so what's over that way?" and the Chinese said "Jipang", so the Europeans came back and mispronounced the Chinese word as "Japan". "Nihon" is what the Japanese call it nowadays.

Dear Inu-papa,
Since a certain person had influenced this question, I have decided to ask it:

If you were to dig a whole straight up out of your grave and fly into the sky-thing-of-the-underworld and then somehow end up into the world of the living... Where would you be? O.o;;

Muwaha. Hahahaha.

Dear Keira,
In your closet.

Dear Papa (who has yet to chase me up a tree),
Alright, I'm having some trouble with my feelings at this point. I have recently found out that one of my friends has feelings for me beyond friendship, and have also recently found myself bi-curious... (my friend is a girl) yet at the same time, I'm apprehensive about what she says when she sorts this out... on top of that, I also already have a girlfriend, but she lives three timezones away. If what I'm thinking her feelings are are correct, what should I do? Don't answer if you don't want, but here's a thing of A-1 steak suace for all the meat you get.

P.S. I'd hang out at the chat a lot more, but mIRC won't let me in.
Chibi`Koneko, the Drunken Kitten

Dear CK,
It depends on your loyalty to your current girlfriend, and whether or not you think that long-distance relationship can work out. Saying "no" is always hard to do, but it has to be done sometimes, and your heart will tell you which one to go with, not me. And it's too bad you can't get back into the chat. That place has been kinda dead lately.

Dear Papa,
Why is four considered an unlucky number in Japan?

Dear LingeringShadow,
Because the number four is pronounced "shi", which is also the word for "death".

Dear Inu-papa,
Every friggin' website I got to InuYasha is either spelled like that or with a dash inbetween the u and Y or the Y is lower case and there's no comma. In the manga Koga's name is spelled Koga on one page and Kouga on the next. In a magazine that had a list of Yasha cards InuYasha was spelled with an o at the end and a little ^ thingy on it!!!! In a fanfiction Kirara's name was spelled Killia or something like that! Its enough that they screw with the story but to screw with their names is wrong. Come to think of it I only addressed this e-mail Inu-papa 'cause I don't know how to spell your name.*giggle* Thanks for helping me out! *hugs* *tbone, beggen' strips or both*
Dazed and Confused

Dear Dazed and Confused,
The problem is that there is no universal method for romanizing Japanese, so sometimes inconsistancies crop up. However, it would be nice for them to stick to a single romanization scheme in a publication, despite all the ones you listed above technically being correct.

Dear Papa,
Kogome was telling the truth. sorta. I [did it] but not with her. I did it with my wife Angel. She is Your new doughter-in-law! if you see her look for Light blond hair, she short, and she's the love of my life!!

ps.i'm gay

Dear my inuyasha,
Just who are all these strangely-named people and why do they keep hijacking my family? Aaauuugh, no wonder I've become so traumatized... And how can you be gay if a female is the love of your life?

Dear Papa,
do you let me love you?I would be lucky if I were the girl that raped you!!! maybe I should come over to you!!!!!!!
Your nightmare

Dear my nightmare,

Dear Papa,
I can't find it anywhere, so if you would be so kind as to point me in the correct direction of Patches' homepage, I would be forever in your debt. Thanks.

Dear Elora,
Umm... you mean besides this? Or are you talking about maybe LiveJournal or DeviantArt?

Dear Papa,
What do you do with dead people who annoy you? Obviously you can't kill them since they're already dead.

Dear Blackrose,
Usually cutting them into small pieces and sealing them in jars works.

Dear Papa,
If you could comunicate to your boys one more time, what would you say? My friends and I have been debating on this. I think you would say somethinlg like, "Stop fighting you two", but my frieds think you would say about how proud you are about their skills...

Which thought is right? Or is it something else entirely?

Dear Meep,
I'd be more up for inviting them to a barbecue pit and calling it good.

Dear Papa,sorry for bringing this up but you said you were raped by some fangirl do you mean the actual you or inu-papa and heres everything you could ever want for awnserin my question bye and again im sorry for brining it up
robert funk

Dear robert funk,
Well, it was a cyber-rape in the chat room, so your idea of how "real" that is is completely up to interpretation.

Dear Papa,why the heck do all inuyasha characters (excluding bald ones) have long hair.Example:kagome,inuyasha kikyo,you o great lord.If some people took down their ponytails or whatever they are they would have long hair.
please awnser*gives papa milk bones that only inu papas love*please awnser.And can i have hug,for some reason my dog hates me,waaaaaah so i need comfort from the "top dog" ty and enjoy the milk bones,bye.

robert funk

Dear robert funk,
Because in my day, people had better things to do than go to the salon every month to get their hair done. Not to mention we didn't have scissors. So, everyone just let their hair grow out and pulled it back when it got in the way. No big deal.

Dear Papa,
Um...what if you had a daughter with long red hair and dark brown eyes and roseie pink cheeks and who looked like you but had inuyashas mothers eyes and her nose but your smile named sirome, eevee,inuyoshihitakayushi,takashi.
eevee hitakayushi

Dear eevee hitakayushi,
I would call her "Mary Sue" for short.

Dear Papa,
I was wondering if you have a secret such as a crush on a another lady besides Inuyashas mom?
Tenshi Hitoshii

Dear Tenshi Hitoshii,
Certainly, I've moved on in the romantic situation since Izayoi and I died. It's certainly no secret. If you're asking if I was having some sort of secret affair while still involved with her, then no. Till death do us part, as it always has been.

Dear Papa,

I was looking through some of the earlier chapters of the manga and noticed that the art style is different than it appears to be now. Has Takahashi changed her style or does somebody else draw the latest chapters out?

Dear Lodi,
Pretty much everyone's art style changes gradually over time. If you take any long-running manga series, such as Dragonball, you'll notice obvious artistic differences between the beginning and end of the series.

Dear Inu-papa, I was wondering why you where makeup I mean men are not supose to where makeup
Demonic prencess Casandra

Dear Casandra,
This may sound shocking, but the customs for your country and time period may not apply to the rest of the world and history.

Dear Papa,
Can you please tell me what the hell's up with Kagome's dad? Does he exist or not? Kagome's mom mentioned him once, but it was all past-tense, and if he died, wouldn't kagome want to bring him up more, what with all the references to fatherhood this show makes? Sango's dad is dead, Miroku's and Shippou's too, and YOUR dead, so why hasn't she brought him up? AND when her mom was talking about him, neither her nor Kagome were sad or angry, so it can't be that he just left them. Please, if you can, help me out here.

Dear fatherhood-complex,
Though not written by Takahashi, there is a novel version of the initial chapters of the Inuyasha series that states that Kagome's father died in an accident. So, while about as canon as a filler episode or movie, it's the closest you're going to get for an "official" explanation of where he is.

Dear Papa,
look - i need information about the manga , can you make a summary just like you did with the anime titles of all the chapters of the manga? it would help a lot... japanese version i mean :) thanks.

Dear Inu-Jossy,
You should ask Patches for that. She runs the site, not me. I just rent my space from her and really have no say in the rest of the site other than this page.

Dear Papa,
I was reading a fanfiction the other day, and it started out ok. I was half way through the first chapter when suddenly Kagome was described as being a fantastically beautiful demon with blue streaks in her hair, and shimmering silver eyes or some crap. It didn't even say how she became a demon. Why the hell would she be a demon in the first place? Demon Kagome stories are worse than the Uber 1337 miko Kagome who can blow a hole in anything just by blowing her nose. I know it's just fanfiction, but stories like this just make me want to take Kikyou's side. Why do people write this crap? Further, why do people read it? And why is Inuyasha always described as being such a bastard?

Dear Jojo,
I think it's called projection. Basically, the author takes her own ideal self and uses Kagome as a vessel for it. They treat her as if she's this open, empty character which they can mold and use in whatever way they please. The female leads in most shows suffer from this sort of thing in fanfiction, but Kagome is an extreme victim. Fanfic authors use fanfiction to write out their fantasies, which often have nothing to do with actual canon, but they hijack the canon characters to use for their own ends.

Dear Unnamed,
Hey, you answered my letter! That made my day. I wasn't expecting you to answer since that was just a gag. My real question, (the one you've been ignoring) may I quote some of your stories, wise cracks, and one liners? If so, should I link back to this page or Patches?
BTW, what happened to your wiffle ball collection? Did you forget where you buried them?
*pat on head* Here's a new ball. See, it lights up when you hit it. That ought to keep 'ya entertained. Hug?

Dear Rita,
Well, once I say something, it becomes public domain, so there's no harm in quoting it. I don't care. I just have no idea what possible use it would have.

Dear Papa,

I'm not sure if this has been asked, (I haven't read to the bottom of your seemingly endless column yet, many laughs, and facepalms though)but do you have any idea as to when the fourth Inuyasha movie will be availiable in the US? I am what you would call aprehensive as to the date, so if it already has, then just call me blonde. Thanks, keep up the excellent work with this collumn and tell Patches that the artwork is excellent!

Dear Rei,
I could just point you to the front page, where it states the date in the news column. August 1st, I think it is. I'm not the only one around here who gives out information.

Dear All-knowing Inu-no-Taisho,
I hope no one has asked this before: Has Rumiko Takahashi answered a question (in an interview or whatever) regarding the bone-eating well--why only Inuyasha and Kagome are the only ones able to pass through?
Thank you very much.
Happy Easter (whatever that might mean to you...) Here, have a bunny...
Wishing Well

Dear Wishing Well,
The only comment she's made on it is "it's just fate". Meaning... don't think too hard about it. Sometimes there's really no deeper reason for anything.

Dear Inu-papa,
I have a question about copyright infringement. Let's say that you had an idea and used it, thinking you thought it up all by yourself. Then, on a later day, you find out that someone else had that idea before you and it's close enough to break copyright laws. Could you get sued for not knowing?

Thanks in advance! *gyuu*

Dear Keira,
Hard to tell. I'm not too familiar with copyright laws, and they vary by country. Unless it was something you did to make money, there's really no harm in it.

Dear Papa,
In your last update you mentioned both biology and getting fat, so I think this is pretty appropriate.

Are all your bodily functions and things still the same even though you're dead? I mean, shouldn't you not need to eat anymore or something? Kikyou never eats, unless you count souls, and we never saw the Schinintai eat (and drinking sake doesn't count!) so there's lots of evidence that says you don't need, can you clarify?

Karuku, who has fourth hour biology

Dear Karuku,
Naturarlly I don't NEED to eat, but I enjoy indulging in culinary designs daily regardless. It's not like eating is a chore. If I want something that tastes good, I'll eat it. ... Of course, this would likely be attributing to my weight gain, but eh... I'm already a big dog. And I'm already dead, so what's it gonna do to me, kill me?

Dear Papa,

What is the scariest/ weirdest thing a fan girl/stalker has (try to) given or send to you?

Dear deathbyfurballs,
Certainly, raping me was the scariest thing a fangirl has ever done. ... And please don't anyone try to outdo her.

Dear Papa,

Thank you for answering my last question; for the most part, what my friends and I had discussed was correct. It sounded a bit like you were biting at Chrisitanity, but I won't pry at that :3

I was wondering, do you have any hidden talents? An insanely wicked singing voice, owning backgammon-skills, or a knack for making log-cabins with double-stick tape?

...and it's okay; I didn't need a hug
Less Confused, still Carefree

Dear Less Confused,
Well, it sounded correct. Christians invaded my homeland, after all, so I really have no liking of them nor the worldview they possess. But as long as they leave me alone, they can do what they want.
As for "hidden talents", the only thing I do that really falls under that category is cooking. I don't consider myself particularly "talented" at it per se, but I do dabble in it once in a while. It beats eating out of a box every night.

Dear Papa,

Would it be possible for Sesshomaru to fall inn love with me, I am an angel and would like to know if I could pursue, me certain feelings for him.
Ariel, the angel of nature and the elements.

Dear Ariel,
Hmm... I could see him ripping your head off or sticking his sword in you, but I highly doubt he'd fall in love with anyone, especially a foreigner. Dogs are kinda territorial like that.

Dear Papa,

Given all the legends about Tanuki and what they get up what Hachi transforms into what I think it is?

Thanks Papa, have a pig's ear.
Your Name

Dear My Name,
.... Um... if that's the case, I don't want to know why he's yellow...

Dear honorable Papa,
I noted that the English version of the movie calls you Inutaisshou. I thought that stand for "dog leader"? Did the translate wrong or did I get it wrong myself?
Sora (It's me again)

Dear Sora,
Actually, I've never been called "Inutaisho", aside from fanfiction. The actual term is "Inu no Taishou", which is my title of "Dog General". The official English version has never called me anything other than "Dog General".

Dear Inu no Taisho,

I would like to personally apologize for the actions of one Jakotsu. It has come to our attention that he has sent you several offensive emails, and we are doing our best to rectify this situation. He has been causing many problems here in Hell as well, and we have done what we can to prevent him from causing trouble. He has been banned from computer usage, for starters. We have also... urged his companions, the Shichinintai, to keep a tight leash on him.

However, if he continues to harrass you, please inform me immediately. He will be dealt with accordingly.

Here are tickets for two to the all-you-can-eat meat buffet as a token of apology.
Enma, king of Hell

Dear Enma Daiou,
Er, thanks... But is there any way you could, you know, tear off his gonads with red-hot tongs? I'd appreciate it.

Dear Inu-papa,
I haven't been around for a while, so I'm just writing to say hi... Yaaa...

And sorry for that one time I pissed you off... .__.;; That's been buggin' me for a while so... Yeah. Real sorry for that one. *sweatdrop*

I miss you a lot (that's my fault, though :P) and hope to at least talk to to soon. XD


Dear Keira,
I don't even remember you pissing me off... I tend to forget things like that rather quickly... Heh. Anyway, I dunno what you've got going on but you're always welcome in the chat and anywhere else. If you're lonely, we're still there to talk to. Well, I don't tend to talk much, but at least I'm there.

Dear Papa,
Are you sure Sesshomaru and Inuyasha are your only kids????
just a girl who loves you

Dear stalker,
I think I'd know if they weren't. Despite what fanfics say, I do not, in fact, have millions of illegitimate daughters.

Dear Papa,

I've been consulting with my friend about another anime. One of the moves in it is 'Chidori' (One thousand birds), but my friend is starting to call it 'Chitori' because 'tori' is supposed to mean bird. The subs I've watched for it say otherwise. What do you think would be right?

Dear Koi,
"Chidori" would likely be correct. Though the word for "bird" is indeed "tori", often consonants are softened when used in a compound word to make the pronouciation more fluid. For example, Shippou's name has the characters "shichi" and "hou", but together make "shippou".

Dear Papa,

Personality-wise, are you more like Inuyasha or more like Sesshoumaru?
Budding Psychologist

Dear Budder,
I'm more like myself, actually. I don't need to compare myself to those two, since I came first. It's not if I'm like them, but rather if they're anything like ME. I'M the original big white dog, ya know. Sesshoumaru inherited the cool, and Inuyasha inherited the attitude. Too bad I can only pass along half my genes. ... Nooooot saying that their mothers spoiled their chromosomes or anything, just that they're only half-comparable to me.

Dear Papa,

Are all of these questions for real, or do you make some of them up to be funny? Some of them are quite outrageous.

Dear Skeptic,
I assure you, these are all questions that people have actually sent to me. Though I certainly appreciate some more than others...

Dear Papa,
I heard somewhere (possibly here, really don't remember) that only the more powerful youkai can obtain a human form. So would it be possible to be able to chose a form different from either human or their natural one?

And here's a rope toy for ya. It has something in it to help clean your teeth, and it tastes minty too :)

Some Chick

Dear Some Chick,
Sure they can. Most pick human form out of convenience, but there's really no limit to what they can change into. Shippou changes into a giant pink ball, and Hachi changes into that... giant yellow thing... And other youkai could just take the form of animals or objects, such as statues or whatnot.

Dear Papa,
What feels more "natural", people form or giant dog?

Curiously and

Dear Alruna,
Both are equally as natural as sitting down and standing up. I may have started out one way, but once I learned and became comfortable with the other, it also became like second nature.

Dear Papa,
I have been wondering this for a long time. See Seshoumaru takes pretty good care of Rin, while Inuyasha seems a bit rough on Shippou. Who do you think would make a better father between Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru? Also, who do you think is more likely to be one of those over protective father's towards a daughter? Thank you for the insite!! Here's a steak for the trouble! *throws 2 steaks* And a second just because I think you're cool!

Dear Kitsune-chan,
Neither one is particularly father material at the moment. One is abusive and the other neglectful. Neither boy has even a smidgen of responsibility about him, and I don't particularly approve of either of them having children at this point.

Dear Papa, do you know Sesshomaru is a father, we just had our 11th kids, how does it feel to be a grandfather? Anbd how does it feel to miss the wedding, the birth of all the 11 kids, 6 boys and 5 girls =3, how do you feel about this?

Dear Thetis,
I feel that because this all happened in your imagination, I didn't miss much.

Dear Inu Papa,
Is it true that Jaken is gay? Because my freinds say that because when they meet Jaken says "He's so beutiful" or something like that. Can you help?
Confused peice of cheese

Dear cheese,
I wasn't aware that the ability to judge another person's attractiveness automatically made you gay. As soon as Jaken says, "I'd hit it", then I'd believe it.

Dear Papa,
In responce to Justin Credable's question; Do you go commando? I mean, with all that armour wouldn't it be more comfy to have undergarments?
I'll tell you my name if you tell me yours

Dear unnamed,
Well, yeah, all I wear under this is the red undershirt here. There's nothing under the pants. ... Why?

Dear Papa,
Did you ever have to take Biology? Because I think that it's definitely a method of torture and I was just wondering if any of your fangirls forced you to take it in order to persuade you that sleeping with them was definitely a better option.
Half-insane, half-crazed, half-idiot

Dear halfwit,
What are you talking about? I'd rather take Biology every day for the rest of eternity than sleep with my fangirls! I find the sciences enjoyable, and they are in no way a form of torture. That's practically saying "eat this candy, or I'll rape you". Really, not a hard choice.

Dear "Touga-ou", Chrisianity? I beg to differ; what of the nuns in 133-134, and the gold statue in the convent? I most probably have my reasoning way off, but I would've suspected that Sara's village had been exposed to Christianity due to the fact that it was located on the west coast of Japan, where foreign influence from "the mainland" often hits first.

Please help me clear these foggy details in my mind @.@;;
--And could I prrhaps have a hug? eMaybe? Possibly??
The Confused & The Carefree

Dear Confused and Carefree,
It isn't that there's no Christianity, it's that it's very uninfluential and not very widely practiced. Sure, the missionaries came with the Westerners, since they are determined to spread their brainwashing to all corners of the world, but thankfully the Japanese were too strong to submit to their ways. Christianity survives in small sects here and there, but it is looked upon as an ancient mythology, much as any other religion in the world.

Dear Papa,
Are you really as lazy as you say you are? Or do you get on the treadmill every once and a while?

PS: Can I have a hug?
I hate exercise

Dear exercise,
See, that's why you never see my waist on the webcam. It's all huge and bloated now, from sitting at the computer all day.
*would hug you, but is too fat*

Dear Papa,

I am glad! You are also speaking German! I was very surprised, when I read your answer to Linas question! I really thought you are only speaking Japanese and English.

But there is some little difference between “jemanden lieb habenEand “jemanden liebenE

“Jemanden lieb habenEmeans “to like someoneEjust like a friendE
And “Jemanden liebenEmeans “to love someoneElike a boy- ore girlfriendE

But maybe you already know this different. AnywayE

I wish you a wonderful day!


Dear Nicci,
Actually, I have no idea how to speak German. I just stuck my reply in an automatic translator.

Dear Otou-san,
I would like your advice on a problem I'm having. It would seem I'm being stalked by rabid fangirls and I doubt you would approve of killing them, so what do you suggest I do to get rid of them. They're worse than fleas.

PS- Unlike the rest of your mail, I am not going to ask you for a hug nor do I wish for one.

Dear Sesshomaru,
Oh, it's "Otou-san" now? What ever happened to "Chichi-ue"? Anyway, I actually have no qualms with killing rabid fangirls. My only problem is the killing of the innocent, but those who threaten your bodily and mental integrity are hardly innocent.

Dear Papa, do people in feudal Japan wear underwear or do the go commando?

P.S. I'm not allowed to touch staples anymore.
Justin Credable

Dear Credable,
Heh... it depends, really. Women don't wear anything, but men sometimes wear fundoshi, which are just loincloth wraps.

Dear Papa, do Sesshomaru have a real home? In the manga, book 14 he says to Jaken "Jaken, let us go home", but he's always just walking around.

Dear Me,
No, he doesn't. Takahashi actually made a comment about this in an interview, when one of the Japanese fans wondered why he was always saying, "Let's go home". She said she hadn't really though about it, since the Japanese word "Kaeru" is just the generic way of saying "I'm leaving", with the implication that you're going back home. But she said in the interview that he has no home, so later on always had him say "Let's go" instead.

Dear Papa,
du schreibst mir nie zurEk *schluchz* dabei hab ich dich doch lieb!!! hast du mich denn nicht lieb?
Your Lina

Dear Lina,
Ich liebe sie nicht. Schreiben sie mir nicht mehr.

Dear Papa,
After reading your last responses I felt like you got, for lack of a better word, spazzier. Your description of Hakudoushi's death, for example, was hilarious. Did something fun happen to make Inu-papa spazzy?

Heh...sorry for the kinda-useless question. Here; try some scooby-snacks!

Dear LadyK,
I just finally pulled out of my depressive streak. I used to be pretty spazzy when I first started this column, too, but then life got in the way and made me irritable and stressed. Dunno how long the upswing's gonna last, but I'm enjoying it while I've got it.

Dear honorable Papa,
since Takahashi Rumiko did not draw the movie, so did all the other artists make you up? Or did they ask before Takahashi Rumiko how she wishes you to look like?
I also notice that InuYasha looks different throughout the series, did they change artists to draw?

Dear Sora,
Actually, Takahashi DID design my character. It was tweaked a little when transposing it from Takahashi's manga style to Motohashi's movie style, but pretty much remains similar to her original design.

Dear Dad,
Why are the Smurfs blue?
Inu Yasha

Dear Inu Yasha,
They drink Windex.

Dear Papa,
I was wondering if you've ever gotten drunk and made out with an inanimate object.
The lamp from last night

Dear lamp,
No. I do that when I'm sober. *nuzzles the fluff*

Dear Father,
I will never understand how you can love those pitiful creatures. However, I would like to know, are human women good in bed? I would understand your perspective on them if they were.

P.S. If you are feeling alone, be not troubled. I will make sure Inuyahsa joins you in the after world shortly.
Your son, Sesshoumaru-kun

Dear Secchan,
Maybe you should just try it yourself and find out. *wink* You'll be surprised to learn that there are positions other than doggy-style.

Dear Papa,
Do you happen to know how many non-rabid fangirls you have? A rough estimate at least?
Here's some dog treats and a tennis ball for you.

Dear Chibi'Koneko,
Hm... maybe half a dozen or so. There's plenty of people who like me well enough, but aren't technically my "fangirls". And the ones who are my "fangirls" keep e-mailing me threatening rape and other forms of molestation. So... yeah, I'd say there's maybe only six or so safe ones.

Dear Papa,
guess what me and sesshy have like 10 kids did you know?

yours truley:lady seshomara Aka.your daughter in-law
lady sesshomara

Dear sesshomara,
No, I didn't know. And I'm pretty sure he doesn't know, either. You should really stop having his kids behind his back.

Dear Papa,
Just wondering, but what do you do most of the time? Cuz it must be pretty boring being all dead. And, do you read anything? If so, what? Thanks!!
Evil Walking Zuchini of Doom

Dear Scary Zuchini,
Sleep, mostly. Death is the eternal sleep, after all, since that's pretty much all there is to do. Either that or wander around and do stuff.

Dear Papa,
what is grandpa-inu's name???what was he like???luv ya's daddy:)
inu-yasha, your dearest son

Dear inu-yasha,
For all intents and purposes, his name was "Woof". I mean, he was a dog, I was a dog, we were all dogs, and when you're dogs and want to get another dog's attention, it's just "Woof! Woof!" I was "Bark" and my mom was "Arf".

Dear Papa,
How do you not trip over everything with all those bones?

Dear Mokomoko,
What makes you think I don't trip? These blue stripes on my face are actually permanant bruises.

Dear Papa,

What is your opinion on how you died?

PS: Can you adopt me? If not can I have a hug instead?

Dear deathbyfurballs,
Um... it hurt. ... *hug* No adoptions, though. I'd need better living arrangements to take on another kid...

Dear Papa,
I've been wondering... see I keep seeing people name you "Touga" in fanwork. Is this your real name, or just a fan created one?

P.S. Can I pet your fluff?

Dear Moof,
Both, actually. The name "Touga-ou" was used as a placeholder name for me in the third movie, but for reasons unknown, they decided not to use it. However, since it appeared on early drafts for the movie script, it leaked out and fans started using it, despite it never appearing on anything official. It's sort of my unofficial name.

Dear Papa, Has the underworld treated you nice? Cool. I have a question regarding youkai and mononoke. In Japanese culture, they just sprout out of the earthEso to speak, and we can see that in another anime, Yami no Matsue, where of the Shikigami, Soriyu, has two children that apparently came out of him with no maternal connection, and to be honest, not unlike Naraku. So is that the same thing with Inugami? Does Sesshomaru really has a mother, or it's just another western ideology?

PS: have a fat steak. I bet writing all these letters can be tiring!

Culturally challenged.

Dear Culturally challenged,
Youkai have multiple ways of reproducing themselves. They can be born of inanimate material when something becomes energized with negative energy, such as Yura. Or they can simply come off another youkai, like a worm splitting in half. Or they can be sexually reproduced. However, I can assure you that Sesshoumaru had a mother. I didn't create him from my spleen or anything. The Japanese term used to describe Sesshoumaru as a "half brother" literally translates as "older brother with different mother".

Dear Papa,
do you like the fact that inuyasha was pined to a tree with a arrow because he tried to steal something from kikyo?

Dear kagome,
"Like"? ... Oh, sure, I like seeing my kids getting impaled and sealed all the time! They should do it more often! ... The heck?

Dear Papa, why dont you just come back to life its posible you know?

Dear courtenay,
Mmh, just five more decades... *rolls over and goes back to being dead* Zzzz....

Dear Papa, How come it is that you are ONLY in the 3ed movie? When you are in the 3ed movie you cant see your face well at all. Everyone loves you so much that I think you should be in more things.

Dear Keya-Chan,
What do you mean? I'm a driving force of the whole series! Just because you can't see me doesn't mean my influence isn't there. *nod nod* Just because you aren't seeing me break-dancing and shakin' my ass on screen doesn't mean I'm not partying up the plot while swiggin' down sake. You sure you wanna see more of a middle-aged guy whose only friends were bug-eyed old geezers?

Dear Papa,
where did you and your sons get those clothes? Is there someone who makes clothes for demons? I think you and your sons look so cool with those clothes (specially your armor)!

P.S. Everybody asks this but still... can I have a hug?
Yukai without fitting clothes

Dear naked Yukai,
Most lower youkai just pilfer clothes from humans. Either traveling merchants or ransacked villages. Whatever it takes to get by. In my case, I got a lot of my clothing and armor as offerings from various lords for my services and such.

Dear Papa-sama,
I heard that at some point you were called Touga-ou before they scrapped it (thankfully *cough*). I was just wondering what the kanji for the "tou" part is?

Man, there's so much TEETH in this series. :p

Dear Yayoi,
Yeah, that name was officially scrapped, though it did appear in one trailer for the third movie, and some Japanese fans have kind of adopted it as my name. In Japanese it would have been spelled “Ź‰ć‰€.

Dear Papa,

Hey Papa. Just wondering, do you decorate your walls with anything or are hey just kinda bare and bony?


Dear Shroom,
I believe "bare-bones" is indeed an accurate way to describe my decorating habits. I mean... there's not really much you can do to spruce up a skeleton. That and I'm lazy and don't really care how the house looks.

Dear Papa, Do you like cheetahs and/or giraffes?

Dear Kyula,
Only with the right barbecue sauce.

Dear Papa, hello, I just finnished watching the seven band arc of the Inuyasha story, and I have a question about Kikyou. Kikyou and all the resurected dead people including the Youkia of the series could get closer to Mt. Harkuria (Sorry about the spelling)because it would purify them.

This confused me on why kikyou couldn't get close to the pure mountain, because she herself has great purefying powers. I mean I know she is dead and all and there for is not a "pure" being, but that never had any bearing on her beiong able to tap into her OWN purity powers, and she never seemed hurt by her own purity powers. So why was she unable to bear the purity that came from the moutain?

To me it kind of makes no sence?
Your Name Miko Princess

Dear Miko Princess,
It wasn't Kikyou herself who was in any danger from Mount Hakurei, but rather her Shinidamachuu, which supply her with souls. They, being youkai, could not approach the mountain, and therefore could not sustain her life.

Dear Papa,
ARE YOU AWARE THAT YOUR SON'S NAME MEANS "FEMALE DOG DEMON!!!" SHAME ON YOU, MY DOUBLE-FLUFFED FRIEND!!!I don't want you to take this personally, but are you OUT OF YOUR MIND!!!(I looked this up on an internet translation engine.)

P.S. Are you a Harry Potter fan? If you are, you will notice the pun in my name because Sirius Black rules the world(along with you, of course.)

Dear Dogstar,
Sigh... And I'm sure your internet translation engine is so much more accurate towards the nuances of a word than someone who, you know, actually speaks the language. When you become fluent in the language and culture, then you can criticize. Otherwise, don't judge something solely on the dictionary. OMG I LOOKED UP "BLACK" IN THE DICTIONARY AND IT MEANS "DARK-SKINNED PERSON OF AFRICAN DESCENT!!!" SHAME ON JK ROWLING SIRIUS ISN'T BLACK!!

Dear Papa,

What are the chances of a fifth Inuyasha movie getting made? Have you picked up any recent Japanese rumours? I'm in severe Inu-anime withdrawal. :-(

Unhappily Anime-less.

Dear Anime-less,
According to the movie director, Shinohara, they're still waiting on the verdict as to whether there will be a continuation of the TV series or a fifth movie. Basically, they're still thinking about it, but nothing yet.

Dear Papa,

I'm not so sure if this is right, but did Rumiko Takahashi-sensei only write the last two movies of Inu Yasha (Swords of an Honorable Ruler and Fire on Mystic Island)? The first two movies seemed to have no connection to the manga whatsoever other than the use of the characters, though the last two seemed to have some history behind them. For example, your wife was finally given the name "Izayoi" and we learned that there was a sword to balance out the Heaven blade and the Man blade (so I call them...). In the fourth movie, we have the Gouren marks, though I'm not sure if that fits with the manga exactly...

Anyways, thank you for reading and thanx for answering my last question! Here's a milkbone!

Dear Kagura615,
Actually, Takahashi didn't write any of the movies. Her role in them was pretty much to say "Sure, okay" to the anime writers when they asked to make them. They have no relevance to the manga storyline and don't really have any of Takahashi's input behind them.

Dear Papa,
why did you fall in love twice?

Dear inu-sasukegal,
Who ever said it was only twice? I just only ever had two kids.

Dear Papa,

I guess I skipped a few mangas or something.. anyway. Could you tell me what happened to Hakudoushi? ^_^
Jakotsu's Murderer

Dear Renkotsu,
Well, first Hakudoushi went, "Haha, I'm better than Naraku!", and then Naraku was like, "Like hell you are" and took away Hakudoushi's barrier, so then Miroku was like, "Dude!" and sucked Hakudoushi into his Kazaana and Hakudoushi was like "OMGWTF!"
And so it was...

Dear Papa, do you masturbate?

Dear Foamy,
Doesn't everyone?

Dear Inu-no-Tasishou-sama whom I loff so much,

Volume 24 recently came out over here in America. I was reading it in the store and got quite sad when I saw that they had spelled Jakotsu as "Jyakotsu." Would that be correct or has America screwed the series up the ass again?

Oh, and can I play with your hair? I still think that the topknot looks great on you. Can't say so much for the common villager...

Dear Otouto-san_Hanyou,
"Jyakotsu" actually would be an acceptable romanization. There really is no one formally acceptable way to romanize Japanese, so translators tend to go on personal preference. For instance, "Sesshoumaru" could also, correctly, be romanized as "Sessyoumaru", though the latter is not horribly common (but still seen on some Japanese fansites).
And, er, I'd actually prefer if you didn't play with my hair. Not that I'm calling you dirty or anything, but I prefer to keep it neat.

Dear Papa, this is like the 3rd question I sent you *sweatdrop* ok I think I have a non repeating question now....
If Inuyasha was born 200 years before Kagome came through the well howcome the styles of the houses or the clothing hasn't changed between these two times? Wasn't it suppost to change atleast a little bit? Because if I remeber correctly Europe was on its conquering spree at that time taking materials to different places and trading and all that stuff.
P.S. can you ask patches if she has a gaiaonline account? And can I have a hug??

Dear Tsumera,
Well, Europe may have been on a conquering spree, but Japan was still in a period of isolationism. And we're big on tradition, so things don't really change much even after 200 years. In the days before mass communication, it was difficult for some new fad to sweep the country, so things stayed pretty much the same for a long time.
And Patches doesn't have a Gaia account, but I do. The name should be obvious.

Dear Papa,
Considering that Shippo's a full demon, why does he have features that are human(ex. furless face, Japanese clothes, etc.)? I could understand if he were older and could create a human form for himself, like you and Seshoumaru do, but at this point in time, Shippo clearly doesn't have that much power. Thanks for you time. :)

Dear Rakuen,
One of those great human misconceptions is that youkai must follow all norms of appearance that humans expect. Maybe he was just born looking like that. Is there really some way that a youkai HAS to look? When we're low on power, we revert to whatever form takes the least energy. And this form does not necessarily have to meet human expectations.

Dear Inu Chichi,

I find that Gollum fella kinda familiar...mmm, but he brought up something that I have wondered for awhile many episodes do one art directors cover? I think Sesshoumaru in the early episodes is very dreamy looking (not hard edged) which is the way I prefer him :D in later episodes (example episode #80 Sesshoumaru and the abducted Rin) His ears got really small and very pointed and he got very (almost high gloss) highlighted appearance and his head looks almost to small for his body.

Is this the result of new/changing art directors?

Oh...and not by anymeans an after thought, but you are awfully adorable. I just love the work you do here...never fails to make me giggle


Dear Catmad,
Art directors actually rotate about every five episodes are so. The directors stay the same pretty much throughout the entire series, though earlier episodes had a lot more guest directors do only a couple of episodes, before it kinda evened out to the four main ones. The "edginess" later in the series likely has more to do with the medium than the directors. Around episode 99, the series switched to pure digital animation rather than cell animation (i.e. the drawings were scanned into a computer and painted digitally, thus removing the fuzziness present in photographed cells).

Dear Papa,
After reading of your unfortunate fangirl experience, I wondered if you had any rape prevention tips for others. You see, we live with a group of girls in the downtown section of Philly and we don't have any protective youkai watching over us- just a big stuffed panda.

Dear Angie,
The only advice I can give is that there's strength in numbers. People are less likely to take advantage of you if you have even one other person with you. I don't really have any other advice, since I found out firsthand that under that kind of stress, you're unlikely to be able to reason as clearly as you can otherwise. Though, just remember that guys' pieces are exposed for a reason. I personally find such a blow rather unsporting, but in a matchup like that, let him have it.

Dear Papa,

Was Tessaiga ever meant to be so... upgraded when you had it forged or is Inuyasha abusing his status as main character and favorite son by playing with his sword too much?

Your thoughts on the lengthy series of upgradage?

Much love!

Dear Ryune,
Sigh... yes, I had intended for it to be upgraded as necessary, but not THIS much. This is like... "Pimp my Sword" or something.

Dear All-Mighty-Papa,

With all sincerity, do you think Kagura's a virgin? Rumiko Takahashi keeps so many details from us on purpose, I suppose...

Dear Shugi,
Um, I don't see why she wouldn't be. Who would she lose it to? Unless Naraku has a thing for violating his underlings... which might explain why the two that lasted the longest were both female, but... No, let's not go there...

Dear Papa,

I was wondering what happened to Kanna in the manga. I know about Hakudoshi/Akago and Kohaku, but I kinda got lost somewhere in the manga (probably didn't keep up with the updates) and have no clue whatsoever where Kanna is. Thanx a bunch!

P.S. Well, everyone else asks for one so can I have a hug?

Dear Kagura615,
Kanna was missing for quite a long time, but reappeared at the end of chapter 415 at the beginning of the Kinka-Ginka storyline. She didn't really do much, but that's the last we've seen of her so far.

Dear Papa, What do you think on Miroku and Sango's relationship??

Dear Sora,
I actually... really don't like it. It seems so forced, like they were written together simply because they were there, not because they have any chemistry. They don't particularly need anything that can't be gotten solely from the other. Besides, with all that Sango's been through, it's cruel to stick her with someone who isn't emotionally supportive of her all the time. It seems more like she had hit such rock bottom that she'd just reach out and latch onto anyone, and Miroku happened to be the only person available. I don't really sense any staying power between the two.

Dear Papa,
Your Name

Dear My Name,
That's nice... I don't think there's any hay in the afterlife, though.

Dear Papa,i ate a cow what should i do
Your Name

Dear My Name,
Um... make sure you have the bathroom to yourself for a looooooong time?

Dear Papa,

i stole your snacks. Buahahaaa!

Hug? *puppy eyes*

Dear Retsu-dono,
I'm not hugging someone who stole my snacks! You made me sad!

Dear Papa, you know the thing on Jaken's head, right? I've been wondering is it part of his head, or a hat? Water god had the same kind of a hat, but it was taller. Does the hat mean something, or is it just a hat?
Your son, Sesshy, the lord of the western lands (thankyou)

Dear... Sesshy?,
Sometimes a hat is just a hat, my boy. Don't judge a man by the size of his hat.
And you're not Lord of the West until you conquer it yourself, kid. Don't get ahead of yourself. I left you my sword. Leaving you my stomping grounds seems a tad excessive, and just promotes laziness. I'll not have you acting like some Paris Hilton freeloading bimbo who thinks the world should be theirs on a platter. You want something, you gotta get your hands dirty.

Dear Papa,
could you answer this question: What is that thing with an urn in the book 11?

Dear... something I can't pronounce,
You mean the Kokochuu? ... Sounds like a kind of Pokemon, if you ask me. Anyway, the Kokochuu was the thing that possessed Mushin, and is typically carried around in a jar by some... jar-using youkai. The moral of the story is to not drink from jars you are not familiar with.

Dear Papa,
I have recently begun to read Rurouni Kenshin, and I have noticed that Sanosuke's Zanbato looks very similiar to Bankotsu's Banryuu. Are they the same type of weapon or are they different?
And snaps for you for answering my last question! *snap snap*
More 440-pound steak for you!!

Dear HyouScribe,
They're the same type of weapon. A "nifty horse-header-cutter-offer thing", if I recall the description correctly.