Last Updated: 02/10/10

Many dogs are adopted for a person's own personal comfort. While they perhaps provide little in the way of necessities, knowing they're there certainly helps one sleep better at night. These dogs simply want to help you and make your life a little more enjoyable.

International Yasha

What, you thought "Inuyasha" was only dubbed into English? Head on over here to hear some clips from some of the other dubs. (Hosted off-site to conserve bandwidth, so section may be down on occasion).

Dear Papa

That's right, Inu-papa has his own column dedicated to answering life's little questions. Think of this as a sort of an FAQ with a twist. (now linked to the new version on the main site)

General Episode Information

Episode list giving information on episode titles, airdates, openings and endings, animation directors, and "canon-ness". Since updates to this are so sporadic and minor, I won't note on the main page every time I do update it.
(Translated and revised from the list at Ryuuteki Rakuen)