Cooking Papa

A dog that is not domestic is a wolf.

"Papa, you cook?!" you're probably exclaiming. Of course I do, silly, I come from the days before cup ramen and pizza delivery. And you're not going to get anywhere with the ladies by telling them that their place is in the kitchen. I don't really get what the stigma towards cooking is, since the guy with the food is always popular. So time for some cooking how-to's.

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Apple Crepes
Difficulty: (not too hard, just watch your cook time!)
Description: Apples and cinnamon wrapped in a thin French pancake.

Baked Maple Salmon
Difficulty: (easy, just a slightly long prep time)
Description: Salmon with a slightly sweet glaze to please even fish-haters.

Cheddar Bay Biscuits
Difficulty: (fast and easy)
Description: Those addicting Red Lobster biscuits, made easy.

Chicken on Rice
Difficulty: (easy, as long as you have the right dish)
Description: Unremarkable chicken on totally awesome rice.

Difficulty: (takes some fancy folding and strict temperature control)
Description: Your Chinese restaurant favorite, made at home.

French Toast
Difficulty: (if you can fry an egg, you can make this)
Description: Classic sweet breakfast bread with a bit of French spice.

Fried Rice
Difficulty: (multiple steps, but not that hard)
Description: Rice made less boring by frying with egg and vegetables.

Difficulty: (multitasking and some obscure ingredients)
Description: Sweet and salty breaded pork chop over caramelized onions and rice.

Melon Pan
Difficulty: (takes quite a bit of time and manual labor)
Description: It's bread. Wrapped in a cookie. It's a brookie. It's amazing.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies
Difficulty: (easy as cookie, which is easier than pie)
Description: Fluffy chocolate chip cookies with a touch of autumn spice.

Tuna Noodle Salad
Difficulty: (a lot of ingredients and a guesswork recipe)
Description: A cool make-ahead noodle salad good for hot summer days.