Memoirs Picture Book

A picture is worth a thousand words

Though the Memoirs do contain an illustration every chapter, sometimes that isn't enough. Here you will find other incidental artwork related to the series, both by myself and fans alike.

If you would like to submit your own Memoirs artwork, please post either a link or an attachment to the relevant forum topic, along with a link to your personal website or gallery if you would like it linked in your credit.
(note: While you are welcome to submit any flavor of image content to display on the forum, for an image to be posted here it must be appropriate for viewing by general audiences and not be deemed a "spoiler").

This page now also showcases extra writing related to the story, including bonus chapters, side stories, parodies, and fanfiction. Rules for submitting text are the same as for submitting art.


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by: The Webmaster
Character design references:
How to draw a mini Papa  Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears, for mine are too big  I am naked without my pointy thing  She'll kick your ass at accounting 
Character profiles:
Ignore my color scheme, I was drawn on a limited pallet  Please do not mistake me for female  This flower could poke your eye out 
Colored images:
Fear me  Akagane watercolor  My sword really was that big as a kid  The gang's all here!  Except Kogane, who is kinda dead at the moment.  You are more than what you have become  Donate or get knocked out  This can never happen, it's just awesome 
Monochrome images:
Kakyou has an unknown power  Alternate illustration for chapter 27  She just wants his sword  Akagane is so hot  Akagane goes to study accounting and looking damn fine in a sweatervest. 
Manga pages:
Title page for Chapter 100  Scene from the beginning of Chapter 77 

by: Hanyou-no-Miko
End of chapter 31  Various character doodles  He's the goddamn Batman 

by: Puppy
Regular Images:
Akagane is cocky  Mm, smelt.  Opening to chapter 22.  Ah, I fondly remember the day we first met.  Scene from end of chapter 16.  Eat your heart out, Jekyll and Hyde.  Mom, stop eating Grandma's foot.  They're best in pairs.  Sequel image to Hot Nerd Akagane 
Monochrome Images:
HELLO I AM RED  The underappreciated Super Oni Brothers!  If only there was a concise term for a horse and a deer...  Spoiler: She lives  Looking a bit jaded there, Hisui?  I look good in blue, and don't you forget it.  Indigo thief  V is for Violet.  It is also for Eika in some alphabets.  What does brown sound like?  I'm blue, dabadi dabadai 

by: Booboo
Wanna know what the difference between me and Inuyasha is?  He makes this look good.  Chapter 66 

by: Stars
Behind that cute face is a born killer.  You try ruling the world when you're this adoreable.  Taking over the world one puppy-eye at a time  Rar, I'm so mad I've lost my coat! 

by: Saki
I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna... dammit. 

by: inu-taiyoukai
You wouldn't slay lil' ol' me, would you?  I'm gonna make my bite 8 times stronger! 


by: The Webmaster
April Fool's Chapters
* Four Moons, a Horse and Deer (alternate chapter 83)
* Bigger on the Inside (alternate chapter 93)
* The Dog Ate My Homework (alternate chapter 105)
* Let it Go (alternate chapter 117)
* In the Name of the Moon (alternate chapter 129)
* Who's Your Daddy? (alternate chapter 141)
* Friendship is Magic (alternate chapter 153)
* A few more times from completely arbitrary directions (alternate chapter 165)